Dr. Anne Reap is the featured speaker at Lapham Community Center

March 24, 2022 at 1:00 pm

Dr. Reap, a board-certified audiologist for over 30 years, will discuss signs and symptoms of hearing loss, why it’s important to detect and treat hearing loss early, and the dangers and impact of letting it go or putting it off. Effective hearing prevents social isolation, promotes independence and safety, and is crucial for maintaining cognitive health.  She will also discuss the advanced technology that is available today, as well as the critical function of hearing and its impact on memory and cognition.

Dr. Reap is the founder of Better Hearing at Home, an innovative and unique audiology service which offers mobile hearing testing and professional hearing services. Patients can see Dr. Reap in the privacy of their home for discrete and confidential service, at a residential community setting, or in her conveniently-located office at 500 West Putnam Avenue, Suite 400 in Greenwich. Better Hearing at Home provides hearing healthcare so you can hear and experience all that life offers.

The doctor will be available for free hearing screenings as time allows after the presentation. For information on the presentation at the Lapham Community Center or to arrange a private consultation, please call 203-542-7323 or e-mail [email protected]. Learn more at

Join Us for a Complimentary Luncheon and Better Hearing Seminar!

Anna Reap, AuD FAAA

Board Certified Doctor of Audilogy
Let us help you understand today's hearing aid choices.

WHERE: Lugano Wine Bar WHEN: June 17, 2021 @ 12:00pm

You and a guest are cordially invited to join us for a Complimentary Luncheon & Better Hearing Seminar. Enjoy a delicious lunch as Dr. Anne Reap heads a seminar about hearing loss, its overall effects on your health and the remarkable new hearing technology that is now available. Widex Representative and Product Expert, Dr. Carolyn Pinkerton will be in town for this 1-Day Only Event to discuss and demonstrate this amazing technology and answer all your questions.

An Opportunity To Learn More.

If you or a loved one suffer from hearing loss, you won't want to miss this powerful presentation. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to have your questions answered in a comfortable atmosphere with no obligation. Please call our RSVP# today to reserve your seat at (203) 496-8393.
Event RSVP# (203) 496-8393