Patient Stories

Sometimes its nice to know that there are really happy and really satisified people who wear hearing aids. Here is a sample of a few of those people.

I’ve known for quite a while that I didn’t hear very well. I often missed out on what people were saying and constantly had to ask them to repeat. My family urged me to get help.

Finally, right before the holidays last year I decided to address my hearing loss. I was in one of those “Big Box” stores with my wife when I noticed a small hearing aid booth manned by a technician. The technician told me I had wax build up but he didn’t even remove the wax. He tested my hearing and told me I had a significant hearing loss. He recommended that I purchase hearing aids from the store at a “low price” and promised I would experience great results. I then waited several weeks before yet another different technician fitted me with these new aids. After a one month trial period that included multiple return visits, I was very disappointed in the poor performance of the aids and revolving door use of different technicians. I returned the aids for a partial refund. I was ready to give up and thought to myself: “Hearing Aids just don’t work for me.”

Fortunately, a good friend told me that his family doctor referred him to Dr. Reap, an independent licensed audiologist with a concierge practice. She gave my friend superior care (including wax removal) and fitted him with hearing aids incorporating the latest technology for a price that was competitive with the big box store price. I decided to go to Dr. Reap. I am extremely satisfied with her professional service and the quality of my new hearing aids!
Charles H., Darien, CT

I was first diagnosed with a hearing loss ten years ago. I have used hearing aids ever since. Overall, though, the performance level was poor. I continued to miss conversations, especially in restaurants. Additionally, with arthritis, it was increasingly difficult every week to replace the small batteries my hearing aids required.

Recently, I attended a presentation given by Dr. Reap regarding untreated hearing loss and the adverse impact it has on communication, socialization and cognitive health. Dr. Reap also told me about key features in the latest hearing aid technology, including the ability to dramatically enhance speech and dramatically minimize distracting background noise. This technology also includes rechargeable batteries.

While I was initially skeptical, I tried out the new hearing aids from Dr. Reap. What a big difference! I am better able to understand family and friends and I can engage with confidence in conversations. Also, the rechargeable battery feature is wonderful. I just place my aids each night into a small charger, and the next morning they are good to go for 14 hours. The whole hearing aid experience is so much better. I have recommended Dr. Reap to several of my friends. Experience the difference!
Martha C. , Greenwich, CT

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Reap for over 20 years. At first, I had a hard time accepting the fact that I had a hearing loss. But once Dr Annie suggested I at least try hearing aids, I realized just how much I had been missing, I couldn’t even hear warning signals, like the blinker on the turn signal in my car or the smoke alarm in my home when I was watching TV in my den.. Wow I never thought that my hearing loss could be dangerous to myself and others. It was a real wake up call. Now, I am on my 3rd set of aids and the technology has never been better. Hearing my grandkids and connecting with family and friends means everything to me. I am convinced that working with an educated, experienced professional has made all the difference. Dr, Reap took the time to evaluate my needs and fine tune my digital aids to meet those needs. Now I look forward to DR. Reap coming to my home, especially when the weather makes travel difficult.
Mark G , New Canaan CT

Arnold Palmer – Legendary Golfer

Associated Press named him Athlete of the Decade in the 1960s. He has won 92 professional golf championships in his career including the Masters Tournament four times, 1958, 1960, 1962 and 1964, the U.S. Open in 1960 and the British Open in 1961 and 1962. Having defeated hearing loss with hearing aids he devotes substantial time promoting the value of treating hearing loss. In a recent interview he stated the following: “I’ve noticed the sound of the golf ball being hit by the golf club is different and much more realistic with hearing aids.” The sound with the hearing aids makes sense and better represents what I know is happening to the golf ball. So you could say that the hearing aids help give me confidence regarding my golf game. “I’ve been wearing hearing aids for a long time,” he says. “The technology available now is simply unbelievable. When I compare the new digital products to what we had 30 years ago, it’s an amazing difference. The products have improved dramatically, and fortunately, they’ll just continue to get better.”  

Arnold Palmer (via