What to Expect

We want your visit with us to be as stress free as possible. Here’s a little bit about what you can expect when you do finally make the decision to come in and see us!

  • We’ll begin by taking a detailed history. We’ll ask a series of questions about your medical, work and personal life as it relates to your ears and your hearing.
  • The next step is a physical examination of your ears.  Using the latest technology, we’ll perform a thorough examination of your ears for any physical condition that might indicate a need for a medical referral.
  • Impedance Audiometry gives us an idea how well the eardrum, the middle ear bones and a few of your ears reflexes are working.
  • What you think of as the “hearing test” begins with Pure Tone Audiometry.  Your hearing levels are measured by presenting your hearing system with pure tones (beeps).  We measure how loud the sound has to be before you’re aware there is a sound.
  • Speech Audiometry is done because we don’t want to know just how loud you need a sound to be to hear it, but how well you understand words once they’re loud enough to hear.

And then we explain everything to you because we believe your journey to better hearing should be a partnership with you and your hearing healthcare provider.  And we believe that journey should begin by making you sure you’re as well informed as possible about your problem and all possible solutions.